Play Jackpot slots choosing progressive or fixed types of them

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Play Jackpot slots in Australia

A huge win, a jackpot is the crown of a successful game and the dream of all gamblers not only in Australia but worldwide. Naturally, thousands of Aussies play Jackpot slots – some of them do it for fun (to check if they are lucky enough).

Each one, who takes a decision to play jackpot slot machine online knows for sure that this fantastic prize is an infrequent guest of the player, to some extent undermining the financial well-being of the virtual casino. The desired luck in the form of a jackpot can vary, and in almost all casinos and slot machines a player can change its size depending on the bets made and other parameters of the line of the game chosen by him. This was a tempting incentive for those who were determined to go towards the goal of receiving the main cash prize. Jackpot slots free play is also possible for those, who want to learn the gameplay of the slot.

Types of jackpots in slots

Currently, in all virtual casinos it is customary to give players the opportunity to win a classic, super, fixed in size or progressive (unlimited) jackpot. Its advantage is that it is formed from all casinos using this slot. This is a huge amount of money that goes to a player who fulfills one condition – to receive a rare and unique combination on the pokie. The progressive jackpot is transferred to the next game if no one won it, and continues to increase depending on the number of users of a particular slot and games played.

Play Jackpot slots

Progressive jackpot

The progressive jackpot carries certain risks to the player due to its low probability of falling out, but its size still attracts players of such popular slot machines as:

  • Book of Ra;
  • Fruit Cocktail;
  • Crazy Monkey and other pokies known well for those, who decide to play Jackpot slots (progressive);

Jackpot players’ chances are increased by the so-called weekly jackpots, which are appointed by the administration of the casino. They range from one to several thousand dollars and are available to players who are used to playing at minimum bets.

Bigger progressive jackpots – hundreds of thousands of dollars are offered to players by the Millionaires Club, Gold Rally, Major Million, Rags to Riches. Winning them is quite difficult, since the probability of their loss is relatively small. But those lucky ones, to whom luck nevertheless smiled, could afford a comfortable existence for the rest of their lives.

Fixed jackpot

Fixed jackpots are set before the start of the game. They are formed by the administration. Their size for each one remains constant and does not increase depending on the number of players and the number of games. If no one has won it, the jackpot remains valid for the participants of the next game. This is the maximum fixed amount that can only be won on a particular slot.

Best way to play jackpot slots in Australia

The best way to play Jackpot slots for Aussies is to find a licensed Australian casino with a good reputation, register there, wait until they are ready for a serious money game (slots but not live casino games) and wait when the biggest prize will be won. Sometimes, miracles happen, and the big win comes soon.

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