Progressive jackpot slots online types and their main features

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Progressive jackpot slots online games for Australians

Nowadays, progressive jackpot slots online machines are considered to be the best casino propositions: they can bring a lucky player the biggest exclusive prize of millions AUD. Although almost all players know that it is extremely difficult to get online slots progressive jackpots, these games are chosen very often. Each gambler hopes for the best result and a huge real-money win while going to play Jackpot slots choosing progressive or fixed types of them.

What the progressive jackpot is: all ins and outs

The progressive jackpot is a particularly large winning amount, which increases with each game. All players are determined to win a large amount of money. The bet on the game is divided into 3 parts:

  1. One remains in the casino;
  2. The other forms a progressive jackpot slots online sum;
  3. The third is paid to the player for current wins.

The value of the main winnings grows on the basis of the deduction of part of each bet on the game in the total prize pool. The first Megabucks progressive jackpot slot machines with growing winnings gained popularity in the late 1980s and this principle underlies modern online slots.

Progressive jackpot slots

Some jackpots can appear in a single casino and only on one separate gaming machine. In this case, the jackpot amount will grow at a slow pace. Some real casinos or gaming halls on the network accumulate the jackpot in a certain type of slots throughout the network. The amount of winnings grows in mathematical progression and the chance to win decreases, but the gain itself significantly increases.

Progressive Jackpot slot types

Online casinos use 3 types of progressive jackpots, which differ in the principle of increasing the number of winnings.

  1. In-house. This type of winnings is accumulated on the basis of one casino in the network and is managed locally. The final win is formed due to several slot machines or even ones that are involved in the action. It is possible to connect other associated casinos to the process of forming this amount.
  2. Stand-alone. This stuff is less attractive than the previous one. In this case, the volume of current payouts for winnings is cut in favor of the jackpot. Less is sacrificed to get more.
  3. Area-wide. This type of progressive jackpot slots online, which is increasing, concentrates a huge amount. It consists of the winnings of players around the world and in many casinos at the same time. Funds are deducted from each slot involved in the drawing to one main fund.

Finance is collected regardless of the place of the game. Money comes even from casinos, which are rivals to each other. The lucky ones rip off large sums of winnings in machines of well-known manufacturers such as Microgaming, Igrosoft, NetEnt, etc.

Best exclusive progressive jackpot slots online in Australia

Aussies that are interested in what progressive jackpot slots online machines are the best ones, can pay attention to the following games:

  • Mega Moolah;
  • Mega Fortune;
  • Hall of Gods;
  • The Glam Life;
  • Mega Joker;
  • Icy Wonders, etc.

Visiting a respected Australian online casino, one can read a review on these slots.

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